“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand.” ~

Confucius, Philosopher and Teacher


I provide individual clinical supervision that meets the requirements for mental health

clinicians seeking LPC in Pennsylvania

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Individual and group consultation for licensed mental health professionals is also available.


Like counseling, the working alliance is vital in clinical supervision and consultation.

Therefore, I aim to establish a safe, authentic, and respectful environment with my supervisees

and consultees. Our collaborative work will focus on your personal and professional goals and

will be consistent with your theoretical orientation.


Goals for supervision and consultation might include:

  • Developing conceptualization skills in a multicultural context
  • Integrating theory and research into practice
  • Enhancing counseling and diagnostic skills
  • Understanding relationship and process issues.


To help you achieve your goals, I will:

  • Adjust to different roles as needed, including consultant, counselor, and teacher
  • Encourage you to reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in your work
  • Explore how diversity and countertransference affect your professional relationships
  • Offer feedback and challenge with caring and sensitivity.


Statements from Former Supervisees

“Dr. Muse-Burke is one of the best clinical supervisors with whom I have ever had the pleasure

of working. She has a beautiful way of balancing challenge and compassion to help you find

your own professional voice. The impact she had on my professional identity as a clinical

psychologist was, and continues to be, immensely powerful. It has been about a decade since she

was my supervisor, and I still feel her presence and hear her voice every week when working

with clients. Dr. Muse-Burke is genuine, daring, empathetic, encouraging, and always inspires

her supervisees greatest potential. To work with her is to overcome your greatest obstacles and

to find your spirit, influence, and talent as a helping professional. Working with her is one of the

best gifts you can offer your clients.” ~ Kelly R., Psy.D.


"As a person, teacher, clinician, and supervisor, Janet offers genuine warmth, compassion, and

understanding all while creating accountability and motivation. I always left supervision with

greater insight and confidence, as she helped me see how my strengths and training prepared me

for each clinical encounter - even when I was scared and questioning my fit with the profession

all together! Janet taught me how to be a clinician while remaining true to myself, which is the

way I work with my own supervisees every day." ~ Krystle B., Psy.D.


“Dr. Muse-Burke supervised me while I was a graduate student. The positive influence that she

has had on me as a therapist and a supervisor has been extremely powerful. I frequently reflect

back on the skills that she modeled for me and the techniques that she taught me when I provide

therapy and supervision to others. Dr. Muse-Burke provides a safe environment for others to

explore their strengths and growth edges. Most importantly, she models the genuineness,

unconditional positive regard, and empathy needed to be an effective therapist and supervisor to

others. It has been nearly 10 years since Dr. Muse-Burke had provided me with supervision and

the impact that she has on me as a professional remains significant.” ~ Melissa G., Psy.D.


“I trained under the supervision of Dr. Janet Muse-Burke while completing my doctorate degree

at Marywood University. Not only was she a supervisor of my therapy work, she chaired my

doctoral project. Presently in private practice, I find myself using skills that I developed because

of Dr. Muse-Burke’s supervision. Dr. Muse-Burke’s supervision feedback was always directed

to ensure clients progressed while enhancing the therapeutic skills of her supervisees. She took

her supervisor role seriously and always asked supervisees for feedback to enhance her own

supervisory skills. Working on the doctoral project, I have gained a better writing style that I rely

upon now in completing psychological evaluation reports. Overall, I have learned an abundance

of skills and feel comfortable as a psychologist in part because Dr. Muse-Burke was able to teach

me skills I needed at my developmental level at the time and was able to help me use my

strengths to improve my weaknesses.” ~ Sally M., Psy.D.