“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” ~ Carl

Rogers, Psychologist



My approach to counseling is genuine, warm, and caring. I meet my clients where they are,

offering empathy and support to help them cope with life’s challenges. Through a collaborative

working relationship, we will explore how you interact with others and the world, empowering

you to make choices for stronger relationships and a better future.


My counseling practice is open, affirming, and inclusive. Clients of all belief systems as well

as clients who do not have religious beliefs are welcome. Diversity is deeply valued and

respected without judgment. I work for the good of my clients, promoting justice and well-being.


For clients of faith, spirituality may be integrated into counseling. At the beginning of our

work, I will ask you about your experience of spirituality. As counseling progresses, we will

consider how faith might assist your progress and help you achieve your therapeutic goals.


Goals for counseling and psychotherapy might include:

  • Increasing feelings of peace and wellness
  • Reducing feelings of sadness and worry
  • Exploring interests, abilities, values, and needs
  • Working through past pain and loss
  • Strengthening connections with others.